Managing a thriving enterprise means never being complacent; the ability to adapt quickly, to grow, and to learn is paramount. Striving for excellence is the cornerstone of success. The attorneys at Emory Legal handle numerous business transactional matters, including intellectual property licensing and acquisition agreements, technology transfer agreements, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, independent contractor and employment agreements, sales and distribution agreements, internet terms of use and privacy policies, and other business contractual matters.

Knowing what it takes to flourish in business gives our attorneys a unique perspective when it comes to advising clients. Emory Legal’s intellectual property practice, licensing proficiency, contract negotiation and drafting skills, employment counseling, and other business know-how provides its clients insights and creative solutions for remaining competitive, and the confidence in knowing that their attorneys add value, no matter what the circumstances. Furthermore, if necessary, the attorneys at Emory Legal are well versed in representing you and your business in its litigation needs.

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